Busy people get things done, or do they?


When my friend Stephanie explained her predicament, it made absolute sense to me because I struggle with something similar.

We were talking about finding balance in life and ideas for sharing the various responsibility loads we all have.

“The bigger problem for me is not not being willing to share, delegate or even cut out something,” Stephanie said. “The problem I have is that as soon as I make a little space in my schedule or remove something from my responsibility list, I quickly add something new to take up the space. It is as if I’m insecure without my schedule, my responsibilities and my life in general being constantly overwhelmed.”

Addicted to busyness

I’ve heard others talk about an addiction to busyness.

Still others are get-it-done kinds of people and receive a lot of requests to take on projects or tasks. You’ve probably heard the saying, “If you want something done, give it to a busy person.”

It’s true, people who are able to tackle projects head on and work hard to accomplish everything on their to-do list each day will most likely play a major part in accomplishing what you need. But constantly adding to the busy person’s to-do list could be detrimental to his or her health if he or she has a hard time declining requests or sticking to a disciplined workday.

At the same time an element of busyness or pressure is sometimes what we all need to actually stop and accomplish that overwhelming project we have been putting off. And if deadlines aren’t set for even the smallest of responsibilities in our lives, then it is natural to take much longer than is really needed to accomplish them.

Deadline way of life

Deadlines definitely dictate my life. Not only because The Alabama Baptist is a media ministry that exists on daily, weekly and monthly deadlines, but also because the sheer volume of what I’m juggling in all parts of life would swallow me whole if I didn’t force daily and sometimes hourly deadlines on myself.

I don’t say this to fish for sympathy or as a plea for help. I say it to explain the struggle of one who both desires and despises an overly busy life.

I’m a dreamer and sometimes overflow with ideas and passion for what could be.

I’m a doer. I like to work hard and get things done. I love efficiency and productivity and streamlining the streamlined process that was streamlined twice last month.

I’m a deadline enthusiast. Yes I was that college student who could start her 15-page research paper 12 hours before it was due and not only turn it in on time but walk away with an A.

I can’t always explain the thrill that comes with the clarity and focus of deadline pressure but it is quite addicting.

Still as much as I love the pressure and juggling lots of projects, am I being fair to all involved by living like this?

Along with frustrating others unnecessarily, I’m likely not doing my best work because there is no time to polish and perfect. On top of that, I’m not being kind to my mental nor physical health.

Sacrificing the many to be ‘all in’ with the few

A recurring suggestion from mentors in my life is to narrow my focus to a few specific commitments and be “all in” rather than spreading myself thin and giving a little of myself to a lot of things.

As I evaluate what can be trimmed, I struggle with what to sacrifice and how to protect the newly created space.

A good friend recently said, “Quit talking about it and start praying about it.” Ah, yes, another important part of my life that gets neglected when I’m too busy.

—Jennifer Davis Rash

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Autumn is on the way

Friday night lights and Saturday college game days always turn my mind away from summer and toward fall. And as the nights begin to cool down and the first hints of color peek out of the sea of green leaves, then I know autumn is truly near.

Wednesday, Sept. 23, is the official first day of fall, the Autumnal Equinox if you will, and the Wednesday prior (Sept. 16), I spent the day with sweet friends from the missions field and beyond looking for more hints of fall and breathing in the relaxing air only found in Mentone, Ala.











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Drop-dead deadline is here — Are we willing to help Alabama legislators solve budget crisis with wise choices?

It might just be a no-win situation — Alabama’s General Fund budget, that is.

And what if you are one of the legislators currently tasked with solving the crisis? What if you had to solve a major problem and everywhere you looked people were yelling at you to side with them — some pressuring to the point of pain?

If you are about to make everyone mad no matter what you do, then why not pick the easy way out and basically take the money and run? Why worry about everyone else’s future if you are going to be beaten up anyway, right?

I really hope that scenario doesn’t play out and that we really do have a strong enough force of representatives and senators to fight the temptation to grab some of the façades being dangled in their faces.

I believe there are true leaders in the state Legislature. There are men and women with strong convictions and family values still willing to lead appropriately for the greater good no matter the consequences — even if it means they lose their seat of power because of the backlash from lobbyists with deep pockets.

After all, don’t we all have to deal with decisions like that from time to time, where we are faced with sacrificing something we don’t want to give up in order to do the right thing or help the greater good? Wouldn’t it be easier to make those steps together rather than alone?

How can we as Alabamians help encourage, motivate and help our legislators stand strong and make wise decisions for the future of our state?

Gov. Robert Bentley announced today that the second special session to deal with the budget crisis begins Sept. 8. To find and/or contact your senator or representative, click here.

To read the full article, click here.

—Jennifer Davis Rash

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Celebrating Belle for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

Susanna Belle Mitchell



BELLE cover shot

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Five more tips about Periscope

Here are five more things I’ve learned about Periscope in my first five days of using it. Click here to read my original first five list.Screen shot 2015-08-19 at 2.19.07 PM

  1. You can save the video clips through katch.me. They don’t have to disappear forever.
  2. Scope is the name of a Periscope webinar.
  3. Tap twice on the screen to flip the camera (front view or back view of your iPhone or iPad) while broadcasting.
  4. While watching someone else’s live broadcast, you can tap on the screen to indicate your approval or applause and with each tap comes a virtual image of a heart the person broadcasting can see.
  5. To delete replay of a broadcast, scroll to the bottom of the broadcast screen and hit the delete button. Ha — six people saw my accidental live broadcast that made me want to learn how to delete.

What tips can you share? What questions do you have?

—Jennifer Davis Rash

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5 things I learned about Periscope after my first 5 broadcasts

It’s a new day for journalism and even criminal evidence collection. You no longer need a college degree in either of those fields to potentially break a major story or solve a major crime.

Well, technically you do still need the degree to work in the field, but with the smartiest smart phones ever and the continuing development of social media video apps, we really only need to know how to use the technology available to us and be in the right place at the right time.

My latest schooling is focused on Periscope, Twitter’s social media video app. In facScreen shot 2015-08-17 at 10.35.48 AMt, my last five @RashionalThts tweets were “live on Periscope.” Guess I should chill out a little because I only downloaded and used the app for the first time Saturday afternoon.

My Baptist Communicators Association buddies Kyle and Brian introduced me to Periscope earlier this year, but it was my TAB colleague Wanda who convinced me to actually start using it. She is having lots of fun with it and has great ideas for how we can use it at TAB.

Less than 48 hours into my Periscope world, I have discovered a few things:

  1. The 24-hour news cycle is proven true — it’s old news after that and the Periscope broadcast disappears after 24 hours.
  2. The app is easy to use but there are limitations such as you can only video in portrait mode.
  3. The iPad is better for this app than the iPhone because of its size.
  4. There are Periscope-looking apps available for purchase but they are not the real thing. Remember that Periscope is a free app.
  5. If you are near people who might talk to you, then let them know what you are doing. We are still getting used to people videoing on their phones and tablets much less broadcasting live. How many times have you walked up to someone and started talking or walked in front of someone not realizing they were videoing? Just think if it were live!

Author and virtual mentor Michael Hyatt has more to say on the subject. Click here to see his suggestions for improvements.

What is your experience with Periscope, Meerkat or other social media video apps? What tips do you have?

—Jennifer Davis Rash

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No amount is too small

This same Saturday a year ago today, I drove Kelley and Belle home after spending the summer at St. Jude for what would be her last radiation treatment. The photo shows what I could see in my rear view mirror as I drove them home. She was a great traveler and had fun with Knuffle Bunny and her iPad during the trip.Belle and Knuffle Bunny August 2014

It would be the last time she was in my car, at my house and walking on her own when out in public for long periods of time. She would need a pediatric wheelchair for those moments.

A pediatric wheelchair costs $650, so I would like to raise that amount between now and the end of August as I continue chipping away at my overall goal of $2,500.

Please consider helping me raise funds for another child to have access to needed resources like a pediatric wheelchair as well as the amazing research being done at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital — research that benefits all children’s hospitals because they share their discoveries.

Donate now by clicking hereNo amount is too small. Thanks so much!

—Forever Aunt Jen Jen

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