Christmas blessings

‘Tis the eve of Christmas Eve and all through the office not a creature is stirring except crazy me. I’m wrapping up reports instead of gifts for my peeps and yearning to hear that backdoor exit alarm as it beeps.

I really want to write a cool Christmas parody, but the brain cells … well … they are scarcity. ☺

Next should be “the end,” but my heart is so full and blessings overflow that I just have to share a few special moments from a day or so. (And I promise the rhyming stops here.)

Christmas Day may not technically be here yet, but I’ve been having Christmas all month.

It started with a special experience at Disney World and Universal with Belle (my niece who is fighting cancer), her siblings and the entire family. A full week of pure, magical fun — even if after riding The Cat in The Hat so many times I’m still riding it in my sleep and even if the lady who took our group shot called my relatively new SLR digital camera “old fashioned.” Her little point-and-shoot camera only has an LCD screen and she had not seen an optical viewfinder in a while, so she assumed my camera was out of date. Argh … but this piece is about joyous moments, so I move on.

While in Orlando, our family got to visit our elderly grandparents in Tampa and be a part of them meeting their great-grandchildren for the first time. To see the excitement and joy on their faces — I can’t describe it.

We also caught up with some other precious family members and friends we haven’t seen in a while and that meant a lot.

We also made new friends and had opportunity to share our story along with our faith. I hope we also spread some joy along the way.

The morning we arrived home, we experienced the first snow of the season, which is always magical in its own way, and anticipate seeing more this weekend.

The next weekend we had another special family event complete with friends from years past and lots of good food. Conversations were real, hugs were tight and many moments were sweet.

I’ve also had opportunities along the way to hear from and catch up with special friends who are far away this season. I miss them, but they are doing great things.

And then there are my co-workers and my fellow volunteers in ministry at church. How could I make it without them? They have been especially uplifting and encouraging to me this month, giving in so many ways and doing so much beyond the call of duty.

A few other special moments were when we got to provide clothes and toys for a few families and then to hear about their reactions and how much it meant — another teary moment for me this season.

Wow, so much already and we still get to experience more Christmas as we continue on through the season of our Savior. I am truly blessed.

Merry Christmas to all … and to all a good night. (I couldn’t resist.)

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