No amount is too small

This same Saturday a year ago today, I drove Kelley and Belle home after spending the summer at St. Jude for what would be her last radiation treatment. The photo shows what I could see in my rear view mirror as I drove them home. She was a great traveler and had fun with Knuffle Bunny and her iPad during the trip.Belle and Knuffle Bunny August 2014

It would be the last time she was in my car, at my house and walking on her own when out in public for long periods of time. She would need a pediatric wheelchair for those moments.

A pediatric wheelchair costs $650, so I would like to raise that amount between now and the end of August as I continue chipping away at my overall goal of $2,500.

Please consider helping me raise funds for another child to have access to needed resources like a pediatric wheelchair as well as the amazing research being done at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital — research that benefits all children’s hospitals because they share their discoveries.

Donate now by clicking hereNo amount is too small. Thanks so much!

—Forever Aunt Jen Jen

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