Drop-dead deadline is here — Are we willing to help Alabama legislators solve budget crisis with wise choices?

It might just be a no-win situation — Alabama’s General Fund budget, that is.

And what if you are one of the legislators currently tasked with solving the crisis? What if you had to solve a major problem and everywhere you looked people were yelling at you to side with them — some pressuring to the point of pain?

If you are about to make everyone mad no matter what you do, then why not pick the easy way out and basically take the money and run? Why worry about everyone else’s future if you are going to be beaten up anyway, right?

I really hope that scenario doesn’t play out and that we really do have a strong enough force of representatives and senators to fight the temptation to grab some of the façades being dangled in their faces.

I believe there are true leaders in the state Legislature. There are men and women with strong convictions and family values still willing to lead appropriately for the greater good no matter the consequences — even if it means they lose their seat of power because of the backlash from lobbyists with deep pockets.

After all, don’t we all have to deal with decisions like that from time to time, where we are faced with sacrificing something we don’t want to give up in order to do the right thing or help the greater good? Wouldn’t it be easier to make those steps together rather than alone?

How can we as Alabamians help encourage, motivate and help our legislators stand strong and make wise decisions for the future of our state?

Gov. Robert Bentley announced today that the second special session to deal with the budget crisis begins Sept. 8. To find and/or contact your senator or representative, click here.

To read the full article, click here.

—Jennifer Davis Rash

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