And we’ve launched — a new #dlife group is born

“Jesus’ vision was not a church filled with ‘discipleship programs’ but a church filled with passionate disciple makers living a lifestyle of making and multiplying disciples in all the world,” says D-Life author Bill Wilks, pastor of NorthPark Baptist Church, Trussville.IMG_20151026_180647

While I have experienced a variety of discipleship studies in the past 25 years, it is the simplicity and accountability aspect of Dr. Wilks’ D-Life that is teaching me how to truly make our commission as believers “to make disciples who make disciples” become a lifestyle.

I began D-Life with a group facilitated by Lisa M. (fellow member of NorthPark) in 2013–2014. The group was hungry to grow. They challenged and encouraged me to grow as well. In 2015, it was time for me to help launch a new group and thus multiply our group. And my friend Haley P. and I launched that group tonight.

Stay tuned for what we are learning along the journey. For more information about D-Life, click here.

—Jennifer Davis Rash

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