To our veterans: Thank you

Father, uncle, son, grandfather, nephew, brother, husband, cousin, other family members and close friends (male and female) — each of us on the TAB Media team is closely connected to a veteran of the United States military.

One of our staff members — Richard Maddox — served in the U.S. Navy (Submarine Service) from 1970 to 1974.

And a few days ago, another staff member was helping her grandson complete his paperwork for admission into the U.S. Army. He leaves for boot camp right after Christmas.

We all have varying levels of experience with someone who has or will be serving; and we all have tremendous respect for those who have served, are currently serving and will serve in the days to come. We are grateful for their service.

Sincere appreciation

We want to personally thank all of you who served our country.

The sacrifice is not lost on us, and we are indebted to the role you played in keeping our country safe, as well as to provide the freedoms we enjoy as American citizens.

May we never take those sacrifices — past, present and future — for granted.

While November provides a day on the calendar for us to salute our veterans, hold parades and remember, we urge all who live in this land (that so many worldwide covet for themselves) to never forget those who have served.

True sacrifice

They not only faced dangerous situations but also missed milestone moments at home and gave up creature comforts during their service.

So many carry the horrible past experiences of war with them each day, choosing to tuck the nightmarish memories down deep while continuing to function as strong and contributing citizens.

We recognize you graciously accepted the lifelong sentence of what you endured — saw up close and personal, felt in your heart, worked to comprehend in your mind and maybe even had to do — so the rest of us would be spared those difficult circumstances.

Thank you for your service, dear veterans. Know you are loved and appreciated.

—Jennifer Davis Rash

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