Welcoming Doug Sweeney as Beeson Divinity School’s new dean

Beeson Divinity School

Dr. Timothy George and Beeson Divinity School are one and the same for me. 

As an alumna of Beeson, I have had the highest respect for Dean George since first meeting him in 1996. 

Imagining Beeson without Dean George leading the school is difficult but I admire him for determining the right time to transition from the dean role to a research professor position.

Beeson’s interdenominational set up and strength of theological training developed by Dean George allows the school to maintain an elite position among divinity schools. 

Newly elected dean, Dr. Doug Sweeney, describes Beeson as “the best-conceived and cultivated divinity school in all of North America.”

Doug Sweeney

Dr. Doug Sweeney

In the coming days, you will hear much about Dr. Sweeney’s seasoned experience as an academic leader and his reputation among top evangelical scholars. 

You will discover he is indeed among those who are able to sit with theologians and thinkers like our own beloved Dean George and contribute at a high level. 

Dean George has known Dr. Sweeney for many years and holds him in high esteem as a friend, scholar and theological educator.

“He is a person of wisdom, humility and spiritual depth,” Dean George said. “His appointment is a cause of rejoicing for all who know and love Beeson Divinity School.”

Getting to know him

There’s no question Dean Sweeney will represent Beeson well among top evangelical scholars, but I also believe he will quickly win the hearts of Beeson and Samford faculty, staff and students as well as churchgoers across the state and nation.

Alabama Baptists will want to know more about his previous experience in Baptist life and what led him to migrate to an evangelical Lutheran denomination. The Alabama Baptist will be sharing more about that soon.

Along with Dean Sweeney’s scholarship and leadership qualities, he also brings a steady confidence and peace about himself and the role to which God has called him at this time. 

He understands the need for fundraising and the importance of relationships when leading an interdenominational Christian seminary that is one of 10 schools on a Baptist college campus in the South.

Dean Sweeney is a solid evangelical and theologically sound leader who is ready to tell the world why students interested in seminary should consider Beeson first.

Jennifer Davis Rash